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An Extensive Line of Generator Products from Generac and Gen-Tran

generacFor over 50 years Generac has led the industry with innovative design and superior manufacturing. Because our sole focus has been and continues to be power generation, we are able to identify market needs and engineer new solutions. The ongoing commitment to quality and innovation has made Generac the name that home and industry have come to trust. Complete power solutions ranging from 8KW to 2.5MW. For more information on Generac, please go to:

We Sell Automatic Standby Power Solutions

We are the service vendor of choice for mission critical businesses that require automatic standby power: hospitals, data centers and  911 call centers. Generac’s power solutions have proven dependable even in the most severe power outage situations. That is why we have only chosen to sell, rent and service the best. We make sure your business doesn’t have to be without power, for even a second.

Generac Offers Flexible Fuel Options That Meet A Number of Regulatory Requirements

No matter what your fuel needs, we have generators that will work in a variety of applications and needs. Whether you are in Portland, Seattle, Spokane or Reno – contact our nearest office and let us design a solution or provide your exact request.

Gaseous Generators

Generac’s gaseous generators are specifically designed to meet demanding industrial applications, with models ranging from 18kW to 400kW. As the first 2009 EPA certified units in the industry, Generac industrial gaseous gensets are custom configured to meet the specific requirements of each application.

Diesel Generators

For industry, power failure is not an option. Generac industrial diesel gensets are custom configured to meet the specific requirements of each application. These heavy-duty engines have proven their performance and reliability in a variety of industrial applications. Diesel models range from 10 kW to 600 kW.

Bi-Fuel Generators

Bi-Fuel is the simultaneous use of two different fuels to power the engine on a standby generator set. For Bi-Fuel operation, Generac uses a mixture of diesel fuel and natural gas (NG) in a diesel engine. Generac’s Bi-Fuel generators are EPA certified from the factory, tested and installed all other Bi-fuel systems are aftermarket systems retrofitted in the field.

Generac Modular Power Systems (MPS)

In a Modular Power System (MPS), each genset backs up the others in the system, so critical loads get redundant protection. This built-in redundancy also allows individual units to be taken off-line for routine maintenance while retaining coverage for critical circuits.