Generac Energy Solutions for Businesses

Commercial and Industrial Generators

From expansive data centers to local gas stations, Generac’s standby solutions are trusted by a variety of businesses around the world. Generac offers single engine backup and prime power systems up to 3 MW and paralleled solutions up to 100 MW, and uses a variety of fuel sources to support power needs for each unique customer. Diesel generators are the established standard for power generators, but options like natural gas, bi-fuel and LP address issues such as smart grids, grid reliability and environmental regulations. Choosing fuel type can be difficult, but our experts will work with you to determine what source is ideal for your project. Generac also offers state-of-the-art, fully automatic transfer switches and accessories designed to work seamlessly with your generator system, keeping you powered at all times.

Mobile Generators and Light Towers

Mobile diesel-powered light towers were the first mobile product offering by our company. Over the years, we have expanded our product offerings to include natural gas and diesel generators, water trailers, trash pumps, heaters and dust suppression solutions designed for use in a variety of industries, helping your projects operate smoothly and safely. Generac specializes in solutions for rentals, oil and gas, construction, events, disaster relief, airline and many more. ​

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